The objective of the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) is to improve minibus safety by enhancing the skills of drivers. MiDAS has been developed by the Community Transport Association (CTA) which is the national representative body for community, voluntary and other specialist transport operators and their supporters (of which DACT is a member).

Every one of our volunteers has to undergo MiDAS training, along with any one else who drives our minibuses.

Therefore, if you are a part of a group affiliated with DACT and are looking to drive one of our buses for your outings, then you would need a MiDAS certificate.

Fortunately, we are able to offer this training at a subsidised rate, provided by our fully qualified MiDAS trainers.

If you are interested, please complete the below form, or call us on 01327 701665 to request a form through the post to get started.



Personal Details
Accessible courses are required if the passenger lift is needed. This is also required if you are carrying passengers in wheelchairs.
Your group must affiliated to DACT, the CTA or another community transport group that is affiliated to the CTA in order to receive training.
Please complete the following fields with your personal details, as the certificate you are applying for is for you as an individual, not for the group.
Candidate's Name *
Candidate's Name
Driving Information
A non-provisional licence with no restrictions.
These are outlined on the back of your photo-card. For example: "B, D1"
Please provide at least 3 upcoming dates on which you are available to receive this training. Alternatively, you may outline general availability if no specific dates come to mind. For example: "I'm available every Monday and Thursday." Please also note, training can only take place on weekdays and will commence at 9:30am. Duration may vary based on the level of training needed, but the training session usually takes between 4 and 6 hours, so we would recommend allowing a full day.
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